“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

– Pablo Picasso

Creativity is naturally,
but incorrectly, equated
primarily with the arts.

A talented painter, graceful dancer, or masterful musician – while these examples are lucky enough to call creativity their professions, they are not the whole story.

Creativity is so much more.

As Picasso notes, we all are artists but most grow away from practicing creative acts of self expression and relegate them to the pros.

We guide you to unearth nascent creativity and shift your thinking using powerful frameworks and simple methods.

Everyone is creative™

Our half-day workshop and collaborative activities will help you and your team rediscover your creativity.

  • Creativity Fuels Innovation
    Uncover new ways to address opportunities and challenges in your business.
  • Creativity is Critical Thinking
    Look at the way you solve problems in your business by exploring before deciding.


Our work has been used to train tens of thousands of employees across fields like finance, legal, sales, facilities, marketing, communications, client services, and creative. We help teams understand and harness creativity while also increasing your employees engagement.


Explore how to leverage creativity in your organization – from team off-sites to enterprise-wide activation.