What is Creative Direction (And Why Do You Need It)?

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Creative Directors are responsible for balancing business goals with brand positioning and creative ideas to achieve impact. This role typically oversees designers, writers, and strategists needed to deliver on the creative expression of a brand. 

I may be biased, but Creative Direction is one of the most important roles you can invest in to build your brand. That’s a lie, I am completely biased but not completely wrong – and here’s why.

Trust Creators

The ultimate goal of any business is to earn the trust of your customer. Trust to the point that they’ll recommend you to a friend (a.k.a. NPS). Trust to the point that they’ll pay more for what you sell. Trust to the point that customers come back even when you’ve not always met their expectations.

Experience Creators

In order to build trust, you need to deliver experiences that connect who you are with what you do and say. For most brands, that most often comes in the form of communications delivered by marketing or product teams with the involvement of a creative team.

The way that these experiences are created has a direct impact on the outcome. From form to function, a Creative Director guides the creation and thereby curates the outcomes for your brand and business.

Value Creators

Those that have worked with a great creative director, understand the value of this role’s ability to find creative solutions that build the brand while delivering business outcomes.

As a close partner to marketers, product owners, and many others, Creative Directors lead to inspire the thinking needed to accelerate your growth. 

Get Creative Direction

Need help finding a Creative Director to help you grow your business? We would love to grab a call to discuss and share our recommendations. 

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